Leisure, fun & entertainment while supporting the local community... with a 

special emphasis

on our military & first responders!



At The American Social Club  (TASC), our vision is to become an asset to our surrounding community by providing a private venue for its members to gather for fun activities and comradery while raising charitable funding for some very special causes.  

TASC will organize special events and provide unique in-house activities allowing our members social opportunities on a mutual basis. We will have Bingo, Keno and even trivia nights along with your favorite sporting events being broadcasted on cable TV. Other activities including all types of Charitable Gaming will be available for its membership. This all intended for the pleasure of our members while raising funds for TASC charitable causes.  


Our missions run parallel with our focus on exclusivity.  Only active members will be allowed to enjoy the many benefits of our social club- and we will encourage all members through our activities to get involved in our charitable causes which focus on Military and First Responder Families, Families suffering from Drug Addiction fallout, Higher Education financial assistance, single mothers needing help with Child care, Family’s suffering financially due to illness and Animal Welfare.

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About Us

Our Mission

Actively Appreciating & Supporting Our Troops & Local First Responders!

At The American Social Club, our vision is simple- To become an asset to our surrounding community- providing donations and collective efforts towards the support of our military, veterans, and first responders- and the assistance of those in need.  

We began our efforts at the start of 2019, and we fully intend on progressing, improving, and thriving at an expeditive rate over the next few years.  We will organize special charitable events, provide unique in-house activities that gives our members fun things to do.  We will have tons of fun things to do including Keno, Bingo, trivia nights, sport-themed events for NFL & MLB games, special guest appearances, and much more!


Our missions run parallel with our focus on exclusivity.  Only active members will be allowed to enjoy the many benefits of our social club- and we encourage all members to get involved in our charitable causes.  We will proudly recruit volunteers to help with our special events, and reward our most engaged participants with notoriety and rewards.

Our Story

Why Join?

Reason #1: You're gonna love this place.

There's a reason this is a members-only facility...  This is a bar & lounge like you've never seen before!


A modern, stylish, wide open concept with our incredible bar and a full service restaurant area.  Comfortable bar stools, cellphone charging areas throughout, our stunning Video Wall along with our high-tech music system, delicious specialty cocktails, beer specials, craft beer on tap, and fantastic food.


Plus, two levels of gaming areas designed for members to comfortably relax and enjoy the clubs plush modern Charitable Gaming Casino. Whether your a novice or an experienced player our club gives all it's members something to choose from. Like playing Bingo or Lucky Seven's? We will have a modern Bingo Game available everyday along with Lucky Seven Machines. We designed the gaming areas with 3 things in mind:  Comfort, privacy, and convenience. 

Finally, awesome events, theme nights, special discounts, player rewards, and friendly, knowledgeable staff & servers to top it all off!


Reason #2: The TASC Community

If you're looking to meet some new, like-minded people in your local community- This is the place to be.


Everyone who has been accepted as a member has agreed to become a valuable asset to our social club- and more importantly-to the local community. We are a respectful, fun-loving, and friendly group of people, willing to share all the great benefits provided by the club, together as a family.

TASC Members are proud, law-abiding Americans, supporters of the area's local charities, law enforcement, firefighters, and military.  We value honor, respect, fun, and giving back!

Reason #3: We're A Club with a Cause.

We all have a cause or purpose for being a part of The American Social Club.  In addition to supporting our troops and local law enforcement, perhaps you want to be a part of funding the Cancer Research Center of America. Maybe you have an idea for a fun special event to get dog food donations for the local SPCA. Or maybe you just simply love the fact that part of all the profits generated from our casino area goes straight to charity.

We are a club for a cause- And we're proud of it! You will be, too.



We'd love to hear from you...


166 Daniel Webster Highway

Nashua, NH 03060

(833) 255 - 8272

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Please drink & play responsibly.

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